Parent Information Fair - Evaluation Data Entry

Please enter the information below.  Thank you for your help.Please note that the format is the same in all languages, so all responses can be entered into this collection form.  Make sure to indicate if the survey was completed in a language other than English.If you have any trouble with, or questions about, a particular form, please set it aside, continue on with the others--and then pass it along to me (Aquanetta Anderson).

Survey Number: 
1) How did you find out about the fair?

2) What is the most important information you need to choose a school?

3) Did you get that information today?
4a) Which of the following did you look at today? (Grade level)

4b) Which of the following did you look at today? (Type)

5) What is your relationship to the schools?

6) What is your race/ethnicity?